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Hi! I'm Kristine

 My story began when we decided to get our first family dog. My husband had recently retired from 20 years of Army service, and we had just move to Alabama from DC. Now that we were finally putting down roots and no longer moving, we felt ready for this new adventure.


We chose a West Highland White Terrier puppy we named Holly. Growing up with Westies as a child, I knew a little about the breed. Holly was full of energy, was not housebroken, was very possessive over people and toys, and barked non stop when people came to our home. She definitely took over our household. We needed help!

   That was when I was first introduced to the in-home dog training concept. This type of training focused on working with dogs in their own familiar environment. It gave us the tools we needed not only to train Holly to be obedient, but to correct and manage her bad behaviors. It wasn't long before we were in charge and Holly understood what we expected and happily followed the boundaries we had established through training.

   Not long after, I was hired to do PR work by the company that trained Holly and I. Within a year the company had an opening for a trainer. With my love of dogs and a desire to help other families have the same success we did with Holly, I was ready to further my education in training. I went through a two year apprenticeship and received my certification at the end of that time. So began my dog training career!

Now 14 years and over 1,000 dogs later I've dedicated my life to helping others achieve meaningful relationships with their dogs. If you're ready to take the next step and see what personalized in-home dog training can do for you click the schedule a call button below. I can't wait to hear from you!

A Love For Dogs...

Kristine as a child holding her dog

...That Lasts a Lifetime!

Kristine as an adult holding her westie dog
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