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Why In-Home training?

Training in your home allows us to get to the root of behavioral problems quickly. The home is the center of your pet's life and since we work with your pet in their own familiar environment, they learn faster and we can handle problems on the spot including house breaking, pulling on the leash, jumping on guests, destructive chewing and more!

Flexible Schedule



Tailored Programs

Getting Started

Getting started is easy and begins with a 1 hour evaluation in your home. During this time, through a questionnaire, we assess which program would best suit you and your pet.


Once a program is determined we discuss costs for training and clearly outline program expectations including your involvement as well as ours.


When enrolled you will be placed into our training schedule at a time that is based on your availability!

Our Programs

Other Services


  • Our obedience programs include teaching basic commands with the use of hand signals. These commands include Heel, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Come, a release command and respect for the word “NO.”

  • We offer both on leash as well as off leash response. In addition to the basic commands we can teach your dog property boundaries with off-Leash obedience being a pre-requisite.


Management System

  • Our management system is designed to deal with the common issues people encounter with their dog regarding destructive behavior while they are at work or unable to supervise their dog. We will discuss procedures along with proper containment that will help give the dog the freedom of trust.

  • Together we focus on developing a well mannered dog while having guests in the home. Your dog learns to go to a specific area on command and stay until released. At which time the guest will have the option of interacting with the dog. No more embarrassing visits with friends or family!

Puppy Training

  • Most puppies develop behavioral problems within the first 6 months of their life. If left uncorrected, they can last a lifetime. We use gentle training methods that will help guide your puppy in the right direction and avoid many problems that would otherwise develop.

Housebreaking (potty training)

  • Housebreaking is an issue that dogs can face at any age. We will help establish an appropriate place to direct your dog, whether it be a pad, box or specific area outside. We will also arrange a schedule to be followed that considers the dog’s holding power as well as your schedule.

In addition to our in-home training programs we off the following services


  • We offer controlled exercises with a trainers dog including travel to different local locations to aid in overcoming socializing problems.


  • Introduction to the proper usage of various training equipment.


  • Veterinary and boarding referrals.

  • Recommendations for food, shampoo and other related health care products.

Phone Consultation

  • Free phone consultation is available to all Follow My Lead clients with their trainer, throughout the duration of their program.

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