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At Follow My Lead Dog Training

We Specialize in

Personalized in-Home Dog Training

Our Story


At Follow My Lead we believe that the best pet relationships start with a strong bond and this is achieved through exercises in trust and teamwork.

I started Follow My Lead to help dog owners get the most enjoyment from their dogs, who are such a great part of our family and homes.

Throughout my 14 year career I have received personal one on one training and certification from a company in the dog training business for over 45 years and to date I have trained over 1,000 dogs and counting!

It is our mission to be more then just a business. Through obedience & training we strive to help families and their dogs live and share better lives together. If you're ready to build a relationship with your pet that you'll love it's easy to get started. Simply click the buttons below to learn more or schedule a call!

Voted #1 Dog Trainer in Madison by Quality Business Awards with a quality rating over 95%

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