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At Follow My Lead we believe that the best pet relationships start with a strong bond and this is achieved through exercises in trust and teamwork.

I started Follow My Lead to help dog owners get the most enjoyment from their dogs, who are such a great part of our family and homes.

Throughout my 10 year career I have received personal one on one training and certification from a company in the dog training business for over 40 years and to date I have trained over 400 dogs and counting!

It is our mission to be more then just a business. Through obedience & training we strive to help families and their dogs live and share better lives together. If you're ready to build a relationship with your pet that you'll love it's easy to get started. Simply click the buttons below to learn more or schedule a call!




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Dog Training Testimonial - Hickory

I wanted to make sure Hickory was well mannered, comfortable around other dogs, children, and adults, and could understand the boundaries we set for her. We gave Kristine a call and she set up a plan that worked perfect for us and allowed us to train Hickory in our own environment from the comfort of home. We LOVED Kristine! She exceeded every expectation and made sure to involve the entire family in Hickory’s training. The skills she taught us we will be able to carry to all future furry member