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Amy & Rosie training Success Story

The Situation

Meet Amy and Rosie! Rosie began her training at 6 months old and 55 pounds, and was very much into jumping on people, counter surfing and basically living her best life, doing whatever she pleased.

The Challenge

With Larger dogs it is so important to control impulses and dangerous behaviors like jumping! Family involvement was going to be critical and Amy had a busy schedule. By starting training early Rosie was able to learn quickly but required routine and repetition.

The  Result

Kristine helped us correct all of these behaviors which allowed Rosie to actually be part of our family. She’s doing well on a leash with all of her 75 pounds. She knows her sit, stay, heal, and come commands. She knows not to go through the door when it’s open, until given permission. She has a “place” she is to remain when someone comes to the door and into our home. And, thankfully most of the time, she actually knows what “no” means. Kristine’s knowledge and years of experience has definitely made a huge difference in how a big girl like Rosie has been able to become part of our family! We also learned, to have a dog that’s a family member and not just a dog, you have to put in the work. Training was very doable even though we have very busy schedules, and it has been so worth it to have our big, sweet girl be able to be with us everywhere we go.


Thanks to you, Kristine, Rosie is not the only one living her best life, and we want you to know that you will always have a special “place” in our hearts!

The Client:


Dog Training Client Amy with her dog Rosie




6 Months Old

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