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Cindy & Bella training Success Story

The Situation

Meet Bella and her owner Cindy. Bella is an 8 year old Boxer-Pit Bull mix who had fear issues toward new people coming into the home and aggression toward other dogs.


The Challenge

We began Bella’s training with basic obedience and incorporated corrections for improper behavior/response in these two areas. Through specific commands taught and praise for correct responses, Bella began to understand to look to Cindy for direction.

In the home we introduce a management system. Bella learned to obediently go to a designated area and stay until given a command to be released and brought over to meet guests or new people.

The  Result

The Client:


Dog training client Cindy with her dog Bella


Boxer | Pit bull Mix



By the end of Bella’s training, she understood a system for meeting new people and could go on walks in the neighborhood without acting out. Our last class was at a Greenway where we encountered many dogs and Bella did great!

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