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Scott & Karen training Success Story

The Situation

The Client:

Scott & Karen

Meet Ellie and her owners Scott and Karen. Ellie is a Standard Poodle that began her training as a 3 month old puppy. Like many puppies Ellie was not housebroken, was mouthing and jumping on guests and family members and pulling on the leash on walks.

The Challenge

Although it can take a bit more patience with puppies, it is the ideal age to begin training.
With Ellie we started with some play training which then moved into a more structured obedience routine. We set up a 24 hour housebreaking schedule and made simple corrections for the mouthing and jumping.

Dog training clients Scott an Karen with their dog Ellie



The  Result

Being a young dog Ellie still needed daily practice to maintain all she had learned. Her behaviors continued to improve as owners Scott and Karen working diligently to implement their program plan. By doing so they helped Ellie avoid falling back into bad behaviors, and instead established a good routine of obedience.


3 Months Old

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